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Who’s Who-Mr. & Miss WHHS

Posted Date: 2/15/24 (1:09 PM)

Sorry for the delay, but here are the results for the runoff for Mr. and Miss WHHS:


James Dean Baird 

Miss WHHS 

Mya Rodriguez

Congratulations to these 2024 Who’s Who Winners:

9th Grade: 

Belle: McKenna Hendry & Jada Whitehead 

Beau: Chris Connor & Vincent Hight 

Class Favorite: Owen Lizana & Kayleigh Page 

Best Dressed: Jatavious Hinton & Lauren Shavers 

Most Athletic: Logan Robinson & Emma Bunn 

Most Intellectual: Lachlan Pepin and Daisy Davis 

Most Dependable: Damien Diaz & McKenna Hendry 

Most Talented: Lachlan Pepin & Harper Ladner 

Most School Spirited: Austin Benda & Jada Whitehead 

Wittiest: Owen Lizana & Mackayla Woodcock 


10th Grade: 

Belle: Kennedy Dixon, Desiree Lacy, & Taylor Rae Norwood 

Beau: Jazear Carter, Tyler Gazzier, & Jamarcus McCalebb 

Class Favorite: Cameron Sandel & Taylor Rae Norwood 

Best Dressed: Kameron Bolden & Jewelz Galloway 

Most Athletic: Jordan Stapleton & Sydnei Barber 

Most Intellectual: Tyler Gazzier & Jamie Harriel 

Most Dependable: Tristan McCarn & Riley Cook 

Most Talented: Jamarcus McCalebb & Antonella Ancho 

Most School Spirited: Eddie Hartwell III & Alyssa Smith 

Wittiest: Dezi Curly & Riley Hancock 


11th Grade: 

Belle: Ceana Lacy, Jayla Lynch, Addison Price, Julianna Shoemaker 

Beau: Karter McGill, Abram Parker, Owen Reese, Ashton Skidmore 

Class Favorite: Jeremiah Gaddis & Rayleigh Phelps 

Best Dressed: Julius Galloway & Julianna Shoemaker  

Most Athletic: Joshua Lane & Jaylin Jones 

Most Intellectual: Joshua Bee & Marley Freeman 

Most Dependable: Steve Caudillo & Addison Mason 

Most Talented: Ashton Skidmore & Josie Commardelle 

Most School Spirited: Kristian Acevado & Amari Adkins 

Wittiest: Sarah Collins & Kaiden Miller 

12th Grade: 

Belle: Tiona Frick, Abby Hancock, Edy Murray, Daisy Parker, & Mya Rodriguez 

Beau: Kevin Bui, Todd Evans, James Ivory, Javon McCalebb, & Torrence Skidmore 

Class Favorite: Elias Javi Carillo & Kailey Milsap-Naylor 

Best Dressed: Caleb Phelps & Kameron Weaver 

Most Athletic: Torrence Skidmore & Abby Hancock 

Most Intellectual: Landon Blake & Danica Beachy 

Most Dependable: Taydeus Jacobs & Macey Davis 

Most Talented: Khalib White & Danica Beachy 

Most School Spirited: Elias Javi Carillo & Daisy Parker 

Wittiest: Todd Evans & Tiona Frick