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Who's Who Winners

Posted Date: 2/06/24 (10:57 AM)

Congratulations to these 2024 Who’s Who Winners:

9th Grade: 

Belle: McKenna Hendry & Jada Whitehead 

Beau: Chris Connor & Vincent Hight 

Class Favorite: Owen Lizana & Kayleigh Page 

Best Dressed: Jatavious Hinton & Lauren Shavers 

Most Athletic: Logan Robinson & Emma Bunn 

Most Intellectual: Lachlan Pepin and Daisy Davis 

Most Dependable: Damien Diaz & McKenna Hendry 

Most Talented: Lachlan Pepin & Harper Ladner 

Most School Spirited: Austin Benda & Jada Whitehead 

Wittiest: Owen Lizana & Mackayla Woodcock 


10th Grade: 

Belle: Kennedy Dixon, Desiree Lacy, & Taylor Rae Norwood 

Beau: Jazear Carter, Tyler Gazzier, & Jamarcus McCalebb 

Class Favorite: Cameron Sandal & Taylor Rae Norwood 

Best Dressed: Kameron Bolden & Jewelz Galloway 

Most Athletic: Jordan Stapleton & Sydnei Barber 

Most Intellectual: Tyler Gazzier & Jamie Harriel 

Most Dependable: Tristan McCarn & Riley Cook 

Most Talented: Jamarcus McCalebb & Antonella Ancho 

Most School Spirited: Eddie Hartwell III & Alyssa Smith 

Wittiest: Dezi Curly & Riley Hancock 


11th Grade: 

Belle: Ceana Lacy, Jayla Lynch, Addison Price, Julianna Shoemaker 

Beau: Karter McGill, Abram Parker, Owen Reese, Ashton Skidmore 

Class Favorite: Jeremiah Gaddis & Rayleigh Phelps 

Best Dressed: Julius Galloway & Julianna Shoemaker  

Most Athletic: Joshua Lane & Jaylin Jones 

Most Intellectual: Joshua Bee & Marley Freeman 

Most Dependable: Steve Caudillo & Addison Mason 

Most Talented: Ashton Skidmore & Josie Commardelle 

Most School Spirited: Kristian Acevado & Amari Adkins 

Wittiest: Sarah Collins & Kaiden Miller 

12th Grade: 

Belle: Tiona Frick, Abby Hancock, Edy Murray, Daisy Parker, & Mya Rodriguez 

Beau: Kevin Bui, Todd Evans, James Ivory, Javon McCalebb, & Torrence Skidmore 

Class Favorite: Elias Javi Carillo & Kailey Milsap-Naylor 

Best Dressed: Caleb Phelps & Kameron Weaver 

Most Athletic: Torrence Skidmore & Abby Hancock 

Most Intellectual: Landon Blake & Danica Beachy 

Most Dependable: Taydeus Jacobs & Macey Davis 

Most Talented: Khalib White & Danica Beachy 

Most School Spirited: Elias Javi Carillo & Daisy Parker 

Wittiest: Todd Evans & Tiona Frick 

There will be a RUNOFF ELECTION for Mr. and MISS WHHS this Wednesday during lunch! 


Runoff for Mr. WHHS 

James Dean Baird 

Kevin Bui 

James Ivory 

Javon McCalebb 


Runoff for Miss WHHS 

Abby Hancock 

Daisy Parker 

Mya Rodriguez 

Reagan Stockstill